Education Designed to Meet Every Student’s Needs

At Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA), our goal is to give each and every student all the tools and support they need to succeed. Since every student has their own unique learning needs and manner of learning that is optimal for them, it is not surprising that students need varying levels of consideration and support. COVA believes that every student has the potential to learn and achieve, which is why we have assembled a team Special Education teachers and staff committed to helping your child reach his or her full potential. Our Special Education teachers are some of the most experienced Colorado-licensed Special Education professionals in the state. With the help and support of our highly qualified Special Education staff parents, students, and teachers are able to collaborate effectively providing your special needs child the opportunity to blossom and grow.

COVA’s Special Education team includes:

Luke Ball
High School Special Education

Michelle McGregor
7th–12th Grade Special Education / Department Chair