One of the biggest challenges for any school, online or traditional, is keeping students and parents up to date on school news and events. Part of Colorado Virtual Academy’s (COVA) role as your partner in your child’s education is ensuring that we not only provide students and parents an assortment of interactive events, but that we also keep them informed of all that’s happening at the school. In addition to relying on our exceptional teachers, administrators and staff to keep you informed, we have also included several tools on our website to assist you:

  • A news page, featuring the latest news and events, as well as helpful reminders for parents and students.
  • An interactive event calendar, providing details about all of our upcoming events including field trips, school outings, and informative events for new students and their parents.
  • An academic calendar, which lists important school dates such as school holidays, professional development days, and more.
  • In addition, parents are always welcome to call us at: 877-586-9456 or e-mail us for more information. Our teachers, administrators, and staff are always happy to help.